Company Values

Our company values clearly show what's special about our corporate culture. These company values are the basis, on which our employees base their action and how they encounter our customers.


We have more than 25 years of project experience. From the first moment on, it has been important to us to be a reliable and competent partner. We commit ourselves to the expectations of our company partners, satisfy promises, inform about relevant changes in time and identify new ideas and approaches.


We are aware about our responsibility and take care that our services comply with a sustainable development. We see ourselves as long-term and strategic partner in order to bring forth innovation and improvement for our customers.


We create an atmosphere of transparency, trust and openness. These are important preconditions for cooperative actions and is reflected within all areas of the RISC Software GmbH.


Our employees are our most valuable asset, because they are the basis for the company's success. Therefore we aspire to set up conditions that allows to unite occupational and private interests.


Fairness takes a center stage. We aspire for long-term partnerships and therefore look for solutions, which are favorable for all involved parties.

Economic stability

We gear towards making profits, because they are the precondition for the continuity of our company. Based on our know-how and our diversified clientele, we can also grow in economically difficult times.

High quality

We know and fulfill our customers' expectations. Our customers and measurements for quality assurance are integrated into the whole software development process and are the basis for high-quality solutions.

High level of competence

A qualified education is important and we guarantee our employees continous further development. Based on the cycle of learning and working everyone gains additional knowledge. We encourage our talents individually and hereby set the basis to bring forth outstanding achievements for our customers.