A main competence field of the Medical Informatics research unit is doing research in the area of objective documentation and condition assessment with the aid of virtual patients.

This activity was initiated by the BURNCASE 3D project, which optimizes the assessment of burn injuries. All of the other projects also include the know-how to map virtual patients. For example, the SEE ++ software system of the SEE-KID/CEVD project enables patient data (such as strabismus) to be documented or the MEDVIS 3D project allows aneurysms sizes to be determined and documented.

Virtueller Patient Medical Informatics RISC Software GmbH

CALUMMA is a generic data collection, data preparation and analysis tool that gathers various data (of the virtual patient) and thus provides a more detailed analysis of medical treatments and therapies. Methods from the field of Visual Analytics or other data mining techniques, for example, are used. The data platform is based on an ontology defined by the doctor, includes simple data integration from various existing systems and allows for the validation, plausibility and visual exploration of the data regarding medical aspects. The application is carried out by the (medical) domain expert, who does not require any specific IT know-how.