In addition to the multi-disciplinary research and development activities in the processing of patient and image data, the Medical Informatics Research Department is also involved in providing training support of medical staff using simulation systems.

Based on the blood flow simulation of brain vessels in the MEDVIS 3D project, a neurosurgical operation simulator was developed in the VIRTUAL ANEURYSM project for use in the training of neurosurgeons and for surgical planning. Suitable 3D scenarios for clipping operations on the brain, which enable these complex surgical procedures to be trained with the aid of intuitive haptic input devices, are simulated to that end.

The SEE ++ software system from the SEE-KID/CEVD project is used in the training of ophthalmologists and orthoptists for a better understanding of the basic functionality of eye movements, for the virtual training of clinical tests, as well as for the simulation of pathological eye movements and their surgical correction.

BURNCASE 3D offers a training opportunity for practitioners who are rarely confronted with burn injuries(emergency physicians) to assess the affected body surfaces correctly.

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Ausbildungssysteme Medical Informatics RISC Software GmbH