Highly specialized software for modern medicine.

For more than a decade now, the Medical Informatics Research Department has been working very successfully on making complex scientific methods packaged in highly specialized software accessible to modern medicine. The strength of the interdisciplinary team working in Hagenberg lies in the development of internationally recognized special software.

This success is made possible by a strong network of domestic and international medical partners, such as the Hospital of the Merciful Brothers Linz, the Kepler University Hospital Med Campus III and the Neuromed Campus. Software (A software package??) for the calculation of cerebral blood flow, which, due to complex physical models, requires a great deal of research, was developed in cooperation with the latter. The strengths of the research department lie in the application of state-of-the-art scientific methods from mathematics, computer science and biomechanics to solve medical problems. The contribution of experienced employees, know-how and an existing international research network provide a broad basis for the advancement of sustainable research and development.

(C) Upper Austrian Research

Our field of activity ranges from basic research to clinically applicable software. At the same time, we pursue the intensive use, maintenance and expansion of the already existing international research network in the field of medical informatics. Project results are used together with partner institutions in the form of medically relevant solutions to secure long-term research projects. The results of this intensive and continuous research work are not only incorporated into the software, but are also presented to the specialist public at international specialist conferences.

The combination of university research paired with entrepreneurial innovation and the joy of new challenges makes the department a successful cooperation and research partner for national and international projects. The projects of the Department of Medical Informatics are funded by the Upper Austrian government from the “Innovative Upper Austria 2020” strategic economic and research program.

In addition to professional research and development services the Department for Medical Informatics offers the following software solutions:

  • BURNCASE 3D – Diagnosis support for burn injuries
  • SEE-KID – Surgery simulation of eye motility disorders
  • MEDVIS 3D – Fast and simple 3D reconstruction, meshing and flow simulation

Focus areas of unit Medical Informatics:

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Dr. Michael Giretzlehner

Head of Research Unit Medical Informatics
Phone: +43 7236 / 33 43 - 672
Mail: michael.giretzlehner@risc-software.at
Stefan Thumfart

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Stefan Thumfart

Projektmanagment & Senior Researcher
Phone: +43 7236 / 33 43 - 678
Mail: stefan.thumfart@risc-software.at

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