Highly specialized software for modern medicine.

The Research Unit Medical Informatics has been successfully integrating complex scientific methods into highly specialized medical software for more than a decade now. The strength of the interdisciplinary team working in Hagenberg lies in the development of internationally recognized specialized software.

This success is promoted by a large network of national and international medical collaborators and partners, such as the Hospital Barmherzige Brüder Linz, Kepler Universitätsklinikum Med Campus III and Neuromed Campus Linz. In cooperation with the latter, RISC has developed a software system for simulating cerebral blood flow based on complex and computationally demanding models. Here, the strength of the research unit becomes obvious: The application of modern scientific methods from Mathematics, Informatics and Biomechanics in order to solve bleeding edge medical problems. Our experienced researchers, together with an international network of medical experts, provide a profound basis for sustainable research
and development.

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Our activities range from basic research to clinical deployable software. At the same time, we strive to take advantage of our partner network and to continuously extend it. Project results are utilized and transformed into clinically-applicable software solutions in close cooperation with our medical partners. Moreover, results of this intensive and continuous research process are not only incorporated into the software solutions, but are also presented to a professional audience at international conferences and published in scientific journals. The combination of academic research, coupled with entrepreneurial innovation and the motivation for new challenges, has turned the department into a successful R&D partner for national and international projects.

We thank the Upper Austrian State Government for the funding of our projects that allows permanent and continuous work on our research activities in the Research Unit Medical Informatics. The projects of the Research Unit Medical Informatics are funded by the State of Upper Austria through the Strategic Economic and Research Program “Innovative OÖ 2020.”

In addition to professional research and development services the Department for Medical Informatics offers the following software solutions:

  • BURNCASE 3D – Diagnosis support for burn injuries
  • SEE-KID – Surgery simulation of eye motility disorders
  • MEDVIS 3D – Fast and simple 3D reconstruction, meshing and flow simulation

Focus areas of unit Medical Informatics:

Further information about the research unit Medical Informatics:


Dr. Michael Giretzlehner