In the subject area of smart transport logistics, we deal with the organization and routing of logistics flows and material flows as well as the acquisition and processing of information. We deploy modern and innovative technologies for communication and position detection.

For the development of solutions and their implementation of complex transport and tour problems, the integration of modern and efficient algorithms is inevitable. The deployment and integration of mobile devices into complete solutions are also covered in this priority area.

A major thematic point is the design of multimodal transport. By using different modes of transports the advantages of each of them can be combined and merged to an integrated overall concept. Beneath the identification of the potential goods, algorithms can be used to find out optimal transfer nodes and the ideal timings of shipments. These concepts offer new planning aspects as well as for freight and passenger transport, such as the implementation of park-and-ride concepts.

We develop customized transport and route planning software with mathematical optimization algorithms for our customers. An ideal integration of existing IT systems enables an automated import / export from / to various databases and systems. Easy usage and ideally customized graphical user interfaces allow individual settings desired optimization parameters. Graphical and tabular formats provide the routing and scheduling results. The broad expertise of the RISC Software also allows individual software solutions, among others, in other logistics problems. With the systematic development of smart transport systems, the RISC Software GmbH is contributing to reducing the environmental impact as well as to fulfill the people’s mobility needs.