Software for planning, optimization, simulation and control of logistics processes.

Logistics today means much more than just the transport or storage of goods. This is understood as the digitization, organization, planning and control of complex flows of goods. But even the reactions to short-term changes in the framework conditions in the supply network are becoming increasingly important. The design of logistical processes, their mapping and integration into existing systems by means of IT decisively decide on the quality of services and products and thus ultimately on the sustainable success of the companies.

The focus of Smart Transport Logistics is on the organization of logistics flows and material flows as well as their collection and processing. The planning and control of cross-company logistics processes is dealt with in the topic Information Systems for Logistics Networks. An essential factor is an efficient organization of the information flow through the use of modern technologies for the communication and interaction of systems. In the focus on material flow and production planning, internal logistic topics are dealt with. The operational control of individual areas includes, among other things, automated transport control systems or the control of warehouses to fully automated production control stations. In the area of ​​production fine planning, the coupling of lot size and sequence planning, we use our know-how in the mathematical modeling and solution of these models to develop tailor-made tools. The decisions can be validated by simulation methods.

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In the age of Industry 4.0, corporate data is considered an integral part of the value chain. The digitization efforts aim at a comprehensive and automated collection of these data streams. In doing so, companies are faced with the challenge of obtaining valuable information and know-how from the collected data. On the one hand, real-time information for the reaction to short-term changes during operation is to be analyzed and processed; on the other hand, future events are to be derived from the collected data pools and predicted as accurately as possible. RISC Software GmbH meets these current requirements of modern data management and offers with ANNA an individually customizable virtual production assistant for knowledge generation of their production data and machines.


Stefanie Kritzinger

Mag. Stefanie Kritzinger, PhD

Head of Unit Logistics Informatics
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