Project-NameRuntimeFramework programmeShort descriptionLong descriptionUnit
GRAPES12/2019-11/2023H2020Learning, processing and optimising shapes Software Applications
SAGEX09/2018-08/2022H2020Consortium that combines international researchers in the research area of scattering amplitudes with world-leading industrial partners.SAGEX WebsiteMedical Informatics
OptiMACS05/2018-04/2022H2020European Industrial Doctorate for efficient multidisciplinary design and optimization of multifunctional aerospace composite structures.CORDIS OptiMACS WebsiteIndustrial Software Applications
BOOST 4.001/2018-12/2020H2020The largest European Big Data for Industry 4.0 initiative Joining forces towards an European Industrial Data SpaceCORDIS Project WebsiteLogistics Informatics
SenseBurn08/2017-07/2020FFG (Eurostars)Non-invasive diagnostic tool for analysis of depth and area of burn injuriesEurostars WebsiteSenseBurn Projekt WebseiteMedical Informatics
InnoHPC01/2017-06/2019 interregInnoHPC project is a pioneering effort to improve framework conditions for innovation by providing unique institutional and technological infrastructure, designed specifically to pool and exploit HPC infrastructure on a transnational level. Software Applications
HiggsTools 01/2014 – 12/2017 FP7The Higgs quest – exploring electroweak symmetry breaking at the LHC CORDISRISC
PRACE-4IP 02/2015-05/2017 H2020 PRACE 4th Implementation Phase Project CORDISIndustrial Software Applications
ARCADES01/2016-01/2020 H2020Algebraic Representations in Computer-Aided Design for complEx Shapes CORDISIndustrial Software Applications
Mr.SymBioMath 02/2013-01/2017 FP-7 High Performance, Cloud and Symbolic Computing in Big-Data problems applied to mathematical modeling of Comparative Genomics CORDISRISC
PRACE-3IP 07/2012-06/2016 FP-7 PRACE – Third Implementation Phase Project CORDISIndustrial Software Applications
LHCPHENONET01/2011-12/2014 FP-7 Advanced Particle Phenomenology in the LHC era CORDISRISC
PLATO-N 10/2006-12/2009 FP-6 A Platform for Topology Optimisation incorporating Novel, Large-Scale, Free Material Optimisation and Mixed Integer Programming Methods CORDISIndustrial Software Applications

Nationwide Projects

Project-NameRuntimeFramework programmeShort descriptionLong descriptionUnit
vasig_prm4004/2019-3/2022FFG Mobilität der ZukunftDevelopment of an integrated model-based condition monitoring and prediction system for track and rolling stockLogistics Informatics
FlashCheck02/2017-01/2020 FFG (e!MISSION)Arc detection in DC networks - control-oriented identification with compressed symbolic symbolic classificationFFG WebsiteIndustrial Software Applications
NeuroAssistCoin 11/2016-10/2018 FFG (COIN)Decision support aid for the treatment and diagnosis of neurological disordersFFG WebsiteMedical Informatics
fhooe_atropine 12/2015-05/2018 FFGFast Track to the Physical Internet YouTube VideoLogistics Informatics
HOPL05/2014-04/2018 FFG Heuristic Optimization in Production and Logistics FFG WebsiteLogistics Informatics
SmaPro10/2014-05/2016 FFG Smart Production - machine data analysis and interpretation in productionFFG WebsiteIndustrial Software Applications
SIAM10/2015-09/2017 FFGSeamless Interoperability of Assistive Modules in the Digital Factory FFG WebsiteIndustrial Software Applications
LogicGuard II 07/2014-03/2017 FFG Optimized verification of time-quantified logical formulas with computer security applicationsFODOK JKURISC
PIPES-VS-DAMS 03/2012-10/2012 FFG Privacy Preserving Visual Dynamic Network Analysis for Advanced System Monitoring on Multiple Scales Project WebsiteRISC
TRIUMPH II 10/2013-10/2016 FFGTrimodal transshipment port II - Efficient flow through digital networkingFFG WebsiteLogistics Informatics
KoLaMBra 09/2013-08/2015 FFGDevelopment of an integrated organizational concept for a cooperative load-Mile branch logisticsFFG WebsiteLogistics Informatics
iWAVE+ 03/2010-03/2012 FFG Integrated freight car shipping planning and controlFFG WebsiteLogistics Informatics
IPPO09/2015-08/2017 FFG intelligent networking of forecasting, planning and optimization for designing sustainable transport chainsFFG WebsiteLogistics Informatics
time4trucks 02/2009-05/2011 FFG Cooperative timing of road freight traffic to avoid traffic peaks, traffic jams and congestion costsFFG WebsiteLogistics Informatics
LeWaDis07/2010-10/2012FFGAlgorithm-based partial automation of the disposition of empty rail freight carsFFG WebsiteLogistics Informatics
food4all@home09/2013-06/2015 FFGNationwide home delivery of everyday goodsFFG WebsiteLogistics Informatics
RTM-O10/2015-10/2016 FFGRail Transport Mobility OptimizationFFG WebsiteLogistics Informatics
ffg_innoFIT06/2018-5/2021FFG Produktion der ZukunftInnovative forecast and demand adjustment through the use of sales data from new information technologies Informatics
vizARd11/2018-10/2020FFG IKT der ZukunftVisual Augmented Reality Assistant for Spatial Mapping Informatics
ProKapa10/2017-9/2019FFG and BMVITDynamisches prognosegestütztes Kapazitätsmanagement zur Umsetzung von Rahmenbedingungen des Physical Internet.FFG WebsiteLogistics Informatics

Regional Projects

Projekt-NameRuntimeFramework programmeShort descriptionLong descriptionUnit
MEDUSA07/2019-6/2023Land OÖ, Leitprojekt "Medizintechnik"Medical EDUcation in Surgical Aneurysm clipping Informatics
LisiGoesDigital10/2016-03/2019Land OÖImproved and individualized traffic information and prognosis for car drivers in Upper Austria via croud-sourcing.Logistics Informatics
momentum10/2016-03/2019 Land OÖ (EFRE) Development of new methods for real-time capable geometric modeling and visualization of solids.Industrial Software Applications
vasig_switch_LI_PL 09/2016-08/2018 Land OÖ (FFG) Generation of a comprehensive data pool via the mechatronic system Weiche with the aid of complex sensor networks.Logistics Informatics
EndoPredictor09/2015-02/2018 Land OÖ (FFG) Prediction system for complications after endovascular aortic repair due to geometric-biomechanical dataMedical Informatics
DigiMont12/2014-11/2017 Land OÖ (FFG) Digital assembly with regard to planning, control and optimization of the assembly process in "lot size 1"Logistics Informatics
DynComp 04/2015-04/2017 Land OÖ (FFG) Dimensioning and testing of dynamically highly loaded composite components for aircraft structuresIndustrial Software Applications
TourGuide10/2015-09/2018 Land OÖ Personalized medicine through navigation system for the collection and analysis of complex clinical dataMedical Informatics
SmartFleet+ 04/2014-04/2017 Land OÖ SmartFleet LivingLab Logistics Informatics
EVIS AT 01/2015-12/2018 Land OÖ Real time traffic information road - AustriaEVIS Projekt WebsiteLogistics Informatics
Engrave12/2013-12/2014 regio13New, massively parallel computation method for the efficient simulation of modeling processes. Regio13 WebsiteIndustrial Software Applications
Enlight07/2011-11/2013regio13Interactive visualization of machining processes by complex geometry models using highly parallelized algorithms. Regio13 WebsiteIndustrial Software Applications
EVIS.AT ITSUA201/2019-12/2021Land OÖ / Kli:EnReal-time traffic information road - Austria Informatics
MC312/2018-11/2021FTI Land OÖMedical Cognitive Computing CenterMedical Informatics
VPA 4.010/2017-6/2019Land OÖImproved and individualized traffic information and prognosis for car drivers in Upper Austria via croud-sourcing.Logistics Informatics