Development of software solutions for visualization, simulation and optimization of new products and manufacturing processes in the industry.

Software development for areas of virtual product design as well as for the simulation of production processes and control systems are the focus of the Industrial Software Applications (ISA) Unit.

Virtual product development

Software systems for realistic and detailed simulations are central tools today for the development of high-tech products and systems in many areas of industry. In the Virtual Product Development application field we are concerned with new developments and further developments of the necessary technical-scientific software systems.

On one hand, we are working on further possibilities of combining multidisciplinary, distributed analysis systems so that virtual products can be comprehensively modeled as far as possible with all their properties and requirements. Due to the ever-increasing number of design possibilities (for example, new materials or more flexible production methods), mathematical optimization methods are becoming increasingly important in this context. We also deal with the development of design and construction tools for integrated, decentralized product development processes.

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Manufacturing processes and control systems

In many sectors of the manufacturing industry, manufacturing processes and control systems are decisive factors for quality, competitiveness and cost efficiency. Accurate and meaningful simulations as well as reliable statements about new production processes enable existing potentials to be used as best as possible. The results of our work include a software library for the simulation of machining processes as well as programming and simulation environments for computer-controlled machine tools.

In order to be able to implement reliable and efficient complete systems, it is often necessary to use specialized calculation and analysis methods, which we develop together with our cooperation partners from the engineering disciplines. Equally important are software technologies to make the most of modern, parallel hardware architectures.

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Dipl.-Ing. Bruno Lindorfer

Head of Unit Industrial Software Applications
Phone: +43 7236 / 33 43 - 254

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Josef Jank, MSc

Expert Software Architect & Project Manager
Phone: +43 7236 / 33 43 - 242

Dipl.-Ing. Roland Landertshamer

Senior Software Architect & Project Manager
Phone: +43 7236 / 33 43 - 253

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Alexander Leutgeb

Expert Software Architect & Project Manager
Phone: +43 7236 / 33 43 - 240