Many companies have the problem that their data management is not based on a regulated process: the resulting chaos costs valuable time and resources. Unstructured, lived-in processes work, but are not comprehensible.

The competence area DMA helps to bring order into already existing processes and to provide efficient and understandable workflow systems. Intelligent software solutions redefine and digitize data-intensive workflows. A well-thought-out user interface guides the user through the systems, thus facilitating the processes and saving resources. Customers get individual workflow and information system solutions. These include features such as synchronous working, a web interface for easy operation, appealingly prepared information and a variety of required functions.

Well thought-out system process data in an understandable and clear way. It can be viewed, added and exported easily. The users structure the data independently, expand and maintain everything on their own. Through a user-friendly usability, the users are guided through the information and workflow system and makes work easier.