Data management, exploration, evaluation and forecasting play a major role in many companies. They use Software solutions for data plausibility and security, as well as analysis and exploration. In order to gain new insights from the collected data, the domain experts are deeply involved in the data analysis processes.
Intelligent evaluations of big data facilitate decisions in the company. Visual Analytics can be used to show users connections and derive recommendations for actions. Different search queries, state-of-the-art analyses, and various forms of presentation can be utilized.

With a comprehensive set of high quality data, predictions can be made by linking human and artificial intelligence. The forecast not only shows just existing relationships, but also gives an insight into future developments. Based on such forecasts, it is possible to make sustainable business decisions.

Intelligent, self-learning analysis algorithms constantly improve and refine the prognosis. Also in this focus area of DMA special attention was paid to usability and to appealing, visual representation of data. Therefore, it is possible to involve the domain experts in the data analysis processes. Thus, the experts can use their expertise to gain new insights from the collected data.