For many companies the choice between standard and customized software is not easy. Sometimes a combination of both (Customizing) is reasonable. Depending on the processes which have to be depicted, it is important to decide on the right and the most efficient software.

Standard Software

Use for Standard Processes
no Competitive Advantage


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Individual Software

Use for Core Competencecs
Competitive Advantage


The software is part of your USP and your core competences and gives you a competitive advantage.


There is no known suitable standard software on the market which covers your process.

Competitive advantage

You want a better solution than the common software solutions and thus a competitive advantage.


The development of individual software is more cost effective than the (license, use, maintenance, support) costs of standard software.


You prefer not to bind yourself to a specific software supplier and want to control the development.


There is a legal framework, which can only be met by an individual solution.

RISC Software is a competent and reliable partner for solid individual software development and adaptation / customizing of existing solutions or existing frameworks. Notable references prove that we solve even complex tasks in the high-tech area and provide satisfactory long-term solutions. For us, technology is a means to an end. We work provider independent – among many possible solutions we are looking for that one which solves your problem best.

We accompany our customers throughout the whole product development cycle – from requirements analysis through the actual development up to project approval and if desired also beyond. For more information please have a look at Project Management.