Smart Production – Machine data analysis and interpretation in production.

The SmaPro qualification network with the emphasis on Industry 4.0 aimed to prepare companies in the production environment for the expected challenges.

In doing so, on the one hand, an individual access was developed for each company, on the other hand, to promote the digitization of the existing production by consolidating competency.

These specifically designed modular training units in the area of smart production machine data analysis and machine data interpretation for production – with the relevant contents from mathematics, computer science, mechanical engineering, mechatronics and software engineering – formed the prerequisites for the company partners for future tasks, placing the focus on vertical and horizontal integration.

The resulting conception of a common, cross-company framework, a deepening of competence in future-oriented technology fields (such as networked production, digital factory, cyber physical system [CPS], cyber physical production system [CPPS]), as well as the networking of science and research with industry (especially SMEs) were defined as the
operational target.

Another objective of this qualification measure was to enable the participating engineering firms to enhance their future machines with modern ICT in terms of expected flexibility and quality requirements.

Industry 4.0: Opportunity for the production and process industry
Through the linking of components using intelligent ICT technology, e.g., RFID, sensors, WLAN, etc., the data obtained thereby grow together into the „Internet of Things.“ The direct communication capability of the individual components creates a separate machine-2-machine (M2M) communication. This allows processes to be analyzed and optimized. The potential and benefits for the industry – especially in the production and logistics sector – is therefore enormous.

An important prerequisite for the establishment of Industry 4.0, alongside the corresponding ICT infrastructure, is networked thinking within the organization.
With SmaPro, the companies involved were competently prepared for these and other challenges.

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