The “Lead Project Medical Technology” of the State of Upper Austria.

The project “Medical EDUcation in Surgical Aneurysm clipping (MEDUSA)” is the result of four submissions to the “Leading State in Medical Technology,” which was advertised by the Province of Upper Austria.

The Medical Informatics Research Department of RISC Software GmbH is the consortium leader of the lead project, which is endowed with 2.3 million euros. The aim of the MEDUSA consortium is to develop a revolutionary training and planning platform for neurosurgeons in order to simulate complex brain interventions in detail and in full.

Simulator for neurosurgeons

The MEDUSA project creates an innovative training and planning platform for neurosurgeons. This is because brain surgery is extremely difficult and often only possible with the help of high technology and the exceptional cognitive and motor skills of neurosurgeons. A hybrid neurosurgical simulator is to connect the real and virtual worlds in order to create versatile and realistic training possibilities. Surgeons can feel the artificially made patient haptically and see inner, otherwise invisible anatomical structures in the form of virtually generated holograms. Further goals of the project are the establishment of an Upper Austrian simulation and cooperation center as well as the transfer of core technologies into future Medical devices.

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