On the correctness of data streams.

The rapid spread of sensors and devices communicating over the Internet presents ever greater challenges for electronic data processing. Apart from storage and processing, verifying the correctness of the data is one of the biggest problems. Especially in case of large data streams it is possible that packets are lost, replicated or inserted from outside – by
third parties.

With LogicGuard, RISC Software GmbH, together with the RISC Institute of the Johannes Kepler University Linz and the company SecureGuard GmbH, is developing a possibility to automatically check data flows for correctness.

By describing the characteristics of the data streams in a language based on predicate logic, LogicGuard is able to detect and react to deviations in data streams. During checking not only can the characteristics of individual data packets be analyzed, but also their temporal sequence.

This check is designed for the real-time processing of data streams and is therefore carried out extremely efficiently with the lowest possible storage requirements. In addition, the formal description language also clearly shows that data streams were correct or incorrect.

LogicGuard is being developed in the LogicGuard II research project within the framework of the “BRIDGE 1” support rail of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) of RISC Software GmbH.

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