Objective comparison of services of hospitals.

The goal of the benchmarking program LeiVMed (Leistungsvergleich Medizin) at FH Steyr is to compare the services of hospitals objectively and in a risk-adjusted manner, to identify optimization potentials and to develop suggestions for improvement. Modern medicine is not only becoming more and more complex and diverse, but also more and more expensive. A big part of the cost are complications of treatments and their consequences. In order to increase the quality in this area, a large-scale benchmarking of the hospitals is required. The benchmarking program LeiVMed, which is under the project management of the degree program Process Management Health (PMG) of the University of Applied Sciences Steyr, has the objective to objectively compare the performance of hospitals throughout the country, to identify optimization potentials and to develop suggestions for improvement. In order to ensure the objectivity and the comparability of the results, not only the services provided are compared, but also the individual situation of the patients are considered. This is called a “risk adjustment”.

As with all large-scale studies, the structured collection and secure storage of medical data plays an important role. Because the benchmarking process itself is subject to optimization and customization, it requires a solid yet flexible database for the collected data.

All this data is merged into a database and then subjected to a plausibility check for further processing in order to either correct erroneous data or exclude it from the analysis. The rules for these reviews are also captured in a flexible, adaptive data structure. The high demands on the flexibility of both the data structures and the rules make the use of special meta-data models necessary.

The merged, verified and cleaned data are then analyzed by the experts of the degree program Process Management Health and form the basis for pinpoint optimization and reforms, which are now based not only on economic, but also on performance-oriented characteristics.

The analysis results are not only transmitted to the hospital providers in the form of static reports – with LeiVMed-Online, interactive reports and analyzes are available. In it, the responsible persons themselves can see and compare their results. RISC Software GmbH provides the data supply for this platform.

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