High Performance Computing für Innovationen in der Donauregion.

The project InnoHPC “High-performance Computing for Effective Innovation in the Danube Region”, which is led by the Faculty of Information Studies (FIS) in Slovenia, involves 18 project partners from Europe. The goal is to create a transnational InnoHPC lab that bundles HPC regional infrastructures and competencies and a web platform to provide easy access to HPC infrastructure. Furthermore, the sustainability of the InnoHPC Lab is to be guaranteed beyond the project through appropriate measures.

InnoHPC is aimed at SMEs and clusters, offering them the opportunity to increase the efficiency of innovation and to connect transnational value chains in the Danube region. High-performance computing institutions and research institutes gain access to exciting case studies and opportunities to exploit their entrepreneurial potential. Policy makers and business development organizations receive valuable institutional support for their policies and initiatives.

For RISC Software GmbH, InnoHPC offers an opportunity to introduce their HPC competencies into the project and to network in the HPC area in Austria.

The InnoHPC project is at the forefront of improving the framework for innovation by providing unique institutional and technological infrastructures designed specifically for the convergence and use of HPC infrastructures at the transnational level.