In many companies and institutions, there is a need for internal personnel to be able to analyse the existing data. However, these domain experts are usually not IT or data analysis experts and therefore need support in applying data analysis methods. This is where RISC Software GmbH, with its many years of experience in data analysis, offers support in interactive data visualization and exploration.

Based on the latest web technologies and different database systems, large amounts of data can be displayed in innovative visualizations individually adapted to the application (scatter charts, parallel coordinates, heat maps, etc.). Domain experts can parameterize the visualization at runtime to generate the desired knowledge.

On the server side it is possible to apply complex algorithms from data analysis and AI to the data. If required, these analyses can also be outsourced to special Big Data systems and dedicated computing clusters if the volume of data so requires. Domain experts are supported in the selection and parameterization of the possible algorithms to ensure the validity of the results. The results of these algorithms can also be stored and visualized (like the raw data), allowing domain experts to interpret the results.


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stephan Leitner

Head of Unit Domain-specific Applications
Phone: +43 7236 / 33 43 - 674

DI (FH) Andreas Lettner

Head of Unit Domain-specific Applications, Head of Coaches
Phone: +43 681 106 115 69


Research Project CALUMMA

CALUMMA is an innovative data management system and actively supports the user from data modeling, through data integration and validation, to processing and evaluation.

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