BurnCase_Medical Informatics RISC Software GmbH

Exact documentation is the basis for comparable medical and scientific studies. The postulated requirements of medical institutions for documentation and accuracy absorb a lot of time and work of surgeons.
BurnCase 3D is a software system that is able to simplify and improve diagnosis, medical treatment and documentation of human burn injuries.

Key Features

  • Simplification and Improvement of Diagnosis and Medical Treatment of Burns
  • Exact Burn Surface Area Calculation in 3D
  • Automated Generation of Medical Scores (ABSI, ICD, OPS, …)
  • Reduction of Work Expenditure of Surgeons
  • Base for Coverage of Service, Costs and Accounting
  • Establishment of a New Standard According to Exactness, Accessibility and Comparability
  • Improvement of Inter-Institutional Collaborative Work
  • Integrative Documentation of Diagnoses, Digital Imaging, Surgical Procedures, Dressing and Nursing

For detailed information please visit www.burncase.at.

The iPhone App BurnCase 3D Mobile is available in iTunes since May 2011.