Natural Language Processing - The key for value generation from unstructured (text) data

Language is omnipresent and can be encountered in many different facets in our everyday lives as well as in our professional environment – it is written, spoken and communicated in different languages by humans, but also gets analyzed, processed and synthesized by machines. With Natural Language Processing (NLP), computers are able to automatically process and generate natural language and act as an interface between humans and machines.

As an application area of Artificial Intelligence (AI), NLP is always used when monotonous processes or frequently recurring tasks in text processing are to be automated, subsequently optimized and integrated into a higher-level framework. In this way, errors can be minimized in various areas, processes can be (partially) automated, and savings can be achieved (through reduced personnel costs).

In many companies, there is an increasing shift towards digitization and automation. In the process, enormous amounts of unstructured data are continuously accumulating, the scope and complexity of which deter the stakeholders concerned from evaluating it, or the potential in the existing data is often not even recognized in the first place.

Regardless of whether fault messages in manufacturing processes are to be analyzed, doctor’s letters are to be filed in a structured manner, or products are to be suggested automatically, NLP offers a broad spectrum of industry-specific and cross-industry application possibilities.

Together with our customers we would like to take advantage of these opportunities – by using AnnaLyTE, our area of expertise for creating value from your text data.


AnnaLyTE - Natural Language Processing Solutions

RISC Software GmbH supports its customers with its many years of practical experience when it comes to developing individually tailored, AI-supported solutions. Innovative NLP technologies are used and based on four fundamental components:

  • Analysis methods specifically selected for the problem
  • Strong integration of domain know-how
  • Tailored infrastructure solutions
  • Comprehensive management of (big) data

We support our customers not only in the development of specific solutions, but also in going through the entire digital process chain. This already starts with the conceptual design of the overall architecture and the selection of tools. Moreover, this also includes both the connection to data sources as well as the preparation of data to enable a secure application of analysis methods from the NLP environment. The continuous integration of domain experts is of crucial importance in order to be able to correctly map all characteristics and peculiarities of a domain in the development. Depending on the requirements, the possible development stages range from prototypes and MVP’s to the development of stand-alone software or the integration of solutions into an existing system.

Together we design the applications of tomorrow

NLP is a core functionality in a multitude of applications. NLP is so versatile and broadly applicable as there are a wide variety of use cases in a large number of domains. Therefore we have summarized a selection of classic use cases of text and document analysis:

Use-Case 1: „Automated document classification“

You are working in the controlling department and would like to receive only those documents (or document types) for which you are responsible.

Use-Case 2: „Automated extraction of information from documents such as invoices or delivery bills

You are the manager of the receiving department and in the future you only want to monitor the extracted details of the deliveries instead of entering them manually.

Use-Case 3: „Customer Support“

You are an online mail order company and would like to reduce customer service response times by automating the processing and answering of customer inquiries.

Use-Case 4: „Automated evaluation of customer feedback“

You’re a marketer and you want to get an overview of the sentiment and reactions on social media regarding your new advertising campaign or product.

Use-Case 5: „Support in clinical documentation and organization“

You work as a medical specialist and would like to summarize essential information from several, extensive medical histories of individual patients in order to obtain a holistic view of the disease history.

Core Competencies

Searching for Keywords

Text documents contain a lot of information, but not all of it is relevant. Selectively extracting particularly important information from texts and storing it in a structured way can help to gain a better understanding of the text and enables further (automated) processing steps of the data, such as document classification.

Bypass Elaborate Manual Sorting

Manual sorting of documents can be very time-consuming and labor-intensive. By automating the classification process, documents can be automatically sorted into the categories you have previously selected. After the system does the work for you mostly independently with a high hit rate, this frees up resources for quality control and other important tasks that can be performed exclusively by domain experts.

How emotions become tangible

Keeping track of the current mood of your customers is often a difficult task. With the help of sentiment analysis, positive and negative feedback in texts (e.g. customer reviews) can be recognized and help to shorten response times to inquiries and to respond quickly and more specifically to the needs of customers.

Further fields of application of NL

Translating texts into other languages (Machine Translation)

Fake News Detection

Identification of similar topics in texts (Topic Modeling)

Automatic creation or summarization of texts

Recognition of (hand) writing in scans or images (OCR)

Speech recognition and synthesis



Newsadoo: “Spotify für News”

Eine vielversprechende europäische Lösung zum verlässlichen, sicheren und personalisierten Konsum von News-Content

Wenn künstliche Intelligenz zwischen den Zeilen liest

Forscher der RISC Software GmbH untersuchten, ob es einen Zusammenhang zwischen Twitter-Nachrichten und Aktienkursen gibt. Dabei wurden sogenannte „Deep-Neural-Networks“ eingesetzt.


Data Science in the Industry

In the age of Industry 4.0, digitization and automation enable extensive recording of machine, process and logistics data. This presents companies in a wide range of industries with the challenge of securely storing large amounts of data and processing it in a useful way.

Research Project BOOST 4.0

Boost 4.0 is the largest European initiative for Big Data for Industry 4.0. Boost 4.0 has a budget of 20 million euros with an additional private investment of 100 million euros.


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“OK Google: Was ist Natural Language Processing?”

Natural Language Processing ermöglicht es, die menschliche Sprache maschinell zu lesen, zu entschlüsseln und zu verstehen. Sprachassistenten, Rechtschreibkorrekturen, E-Mail Spamfilter – NLP als Technologie ist omnipräsent und verbirgt sich bereits hinter vielen, tief in unserem Alltag verankerten Abläufen und Softwareapplikationen.