The next generation of distributed and networked computing and storage infrastructure.

Since 2007, the Austrian Grid Development Centre (AGEZ) has been part of RISC Software GmbH and has been integrated into the area of advanced computing technologies since 2009. It builds upon the basic research results of Austria Grid projects (2004-2006 and 2007-2009) and continues to develop grid-based technology for everyday use applications.

With the results of the last two years, great strides have been made. In addition to the research and development activities, the AGEZ puts its efforts into the integration in the European research landscape and the global grid computing community. This is also reflected by the membership of Michael Krieger in the Board of the European Globus Community Forum (

Grid Computing goes mobile
One of RISC Software GmbH’s contributions in the field of grid computing with users from the research field all around the world is the mobile application “GOTransfer.” With this application, data transfers can be started from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) and monitored over the high-performance protocol GridFTP.
Through integration with the online portal Globus Online (, which is developed and operated by the University of Chicago, researchers can now perform data transfers from their Android devices between high-performance data centres around
the world.

Cloud and Grid
With a delivery from IBM in early 2012, a further step in the cloud computing era was achieved at the JKU Software Park Hagenberg. The IBM server rack CloudBurst has been available for research and development purposes of Austrian research institutions and companies since last year and is operated by the Austrian Grid Development Centre. Through the integration of grid and cloud services, the connection of CloudBurst with other scientific research facilities and data centers is also easily possible. This is already being used by 20 research institutions and companies from all over Austria that utilize this system environment for research and development purposes, as well as for international cooperation projects.

Grid computing has been used over many years exclusively for pure research infrastructures. But significant progress could be made in recent years, so that the construction of federated and shared infrastructures is becoming more and more important for commercial purposes. The AGEZ here is a unique contact point throughout Austria for the construction and operation of such federated infrastructures and successfully builds the bridge between grid and cloud computing.

Grid Computing wurde über lange Jahre hinweg ausschließlich für reine Forschungsinfrastrukturen genutzt. Es konnten in den letzten Jahren aber bedeutende Fortschritte erzielt werden, sodass der Aufbau von föderierten und gemeinsam genutzten Infrastrukturen auch für kommerzielle Zwecke immer mehr an Bedeutung gewinnt. Das AGEZ ist hier österreichweit eine einzigartige Kontaktstelle für den Aufbau und Betrieb solcher föderierter Infrastrukturen, und schlägt erfolgreich die Brücke zwischen Grid und Cloud-Computing.

The Austria Grid 1 (2004-2007) and Austria Grid 2 (2007-2009) projects, as well as the Austrian Grid Development Centre (2007-2012), were funded by the Federal Ministry of Science and Research. The Austrian Grid Development Centre is funded also by the Upper Austrian Government (2011-2013). More information at

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