ACOnet is the Austrian Academic Computer Network (NREN) for science, research, education and culture. ACOnet offers its members high-performance access via GÉANT to international academic networks, as well as the Internet.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Datenverarbeitung (ADV)

ADV provides information to members and the public on the optimal use of information and communication technologies. Our members include around 300 Austrian companies and public institutions and 400 experts from business, administration and science.

Coevolve IT

Coevolve IT provides support through consultation and collaboration about the large amounts of data that a business generates and uses. Coevolve IT focuses on data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Initiative Connected Mobility

The initiative “Connected Mobility – The smart future” (ICM) of the automobile and the IT cluster of the Agency Business Upper Austria was founded in order to make future mobility in smart way.

IT Cluster

The ITC is a cross-sector network of organizations where IT plays a major value-creating role. The ITC strengthens the innovation and competitiveness of IT manufacturers, service providers and users.

Logistics Research Austria

LRA is a collaborative initiative of the Austrian Universities, colleges and non-university institutions for research and development in the areas of logistics, supply chain management and transportation.


MC is a network that aims to strengthen innovation and international competitiveness in the field of machine and plant construction.


The medical technology cluster of the oö. Business Agency Business Upper Austria is the central interface between business, science and medicine.

Unternehmensnetzwerk Softwarepark

DThe members of the corporate network “Unternehmensnetzwerk Softwarepark” cover a broad range of ICT products and related services, directed both at end users as well as other companies with interesting projects.

Verein Netzwerk Logistik

VNL is a platform for specialists and demand carriers in the field of logistics. The society links companies such as integrated logistics providers, transport-handling-storage companies, service providers as well as research and education facilities.