Practice-oriented software solutions Connecting mathematics and computer science with practical experience and developing individual software solutions. Flexible approach to new requirements Digitization of B2B processes Industry 4.0 Professional software development for people, economy and industry as an opportunity for production and process industry. Industrial Software Applications Custom software solutions for the visualization, simulation and optimization of product development and manufacturing processes in the industry. Medical Informatics Highly specialized software for modern medicine. Logistics Informatics Software for planning, optimization, simulation and control of logistics processes. Artificial Intelligence AI in medicine, logistics and production. Data Management and Analytics Systems for data analysis, knowledge management and machine learning. Career at RISC Software GmbH Slide

Software and Research in Logistics, Industry, Medicine and IT

RISC Software GmbH performs research and development for industrial partners since the company’s foundation by Prof. Bruno Buchberger in 1992. The core competences symbolic computation, mathematics and computer science are applied to develop remarkable software solutions in the business units logistics informatics, medical informatics, industrial software applications and domain-specific applications.

Focus areas

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  • Domain-specific Applications
  • Industrial Software Applications
  • Logistics Informatics
  • Medical Informatics

Agile Web- and Software Development

The creation of a software product from the vision, through implementation, to go-live and maintenance, is a complex undertaking. Agile methods help to develop individually tailored software products cost-efficiently and suitable for the market.

Data Management

Valuable insights for future decisions are often hidden in companies’ existing data. To gain these insights, data from complex structures of the most diverse sources must be merged and specifically linked or validated.

Data Science in the Industry

In the age of Industry 4.0, digitization and automation enable extensive recording of machine, process and logistics data. This presents companies in a wide range of industries with the challenge of securely storing large amounts of data and processing it in a useful way.

Digital Processes

The digitalization of the economy has been progressing for years, and was accelerated in 2020 by Corona Crisis. We offer our customers a broad support of all activities in digitization, starting with requirements engineering, research question, implementation and rollout.

3-dimensional patient visualization

In many medical fields, such as burn medicine, chronic wound management, forensics, etc., the affected body surface of patients is an essential diagnostic factor – a documentation of the course of treatment is essential.

Decision Optimization

For production companies, it is important to sustainably improve manufacturing processes, to continuously reduce the energy and resource requirements and to increase adherence to delivery dates. This can be achieved with the help of efficient planning and control.

Manufacturing Processes and Control Systems

Results of our work are, among others, a software library for the simulation of machining processes, as well as programming and simulation environments for computer-controlled machining tools.

Medical Data Analysis

An essential success factor in supporting medical professionals is the integration and utilization of a complete data processing chain for medical practice.

Modelling, Simulation & Training in Medicine

Based on registered and segmented medical image data, methods for modelling anatomical structures (blood vessels, tissue, skin, …) are investigated.

Segmentation & Registration of Medical Image Data

Patient-specific anatomical structures form the basis for medical models and simulations based on them. For this purpose, the required 3-dimensional structures are extracted from medical image data.

Smart Mobility and Analytics

Intelligent transport systems and efficient mobility solutions can help reduce congestion and related problems such as time loss, longer journey times and negative environmental impacts.

Virtual Product Development

In the field of Virtual Product Development we deal with new developments and advancements of the necessary technical-scientific software systems.

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