The simulation tool easy2sim allows you to map logistics processes. As a consequence, planning, evaluation and optimisation of your processes is possible. By utilizing the existing libraries from the areas of storage and production, models of your production environment can be implemented quickly.

If you want to change your production line, your capacities or your ressources or if you plan to increase utilization, you are able to plan and analyse this change with easy2sim, before changing anything in reality. Moreover, easy2sim can assist you if you want to build, enhance or optimise your storage capacity. Last but not least, easy2sim is applicable in education and in testing emergency scenarios.


  • Documentation of material flow
  • Performance informationen during planning phase
  • Overview and improvement of your processes
  • Detection of bottlenecks
  • Process-based cost calculation
  • Minimisation of storage costs
  • Maximise your output

More information: www.easy2sim.at