Internship Grid Computing

Andreas is student at the University for Applied Science Hagenberg. In 2009 he was an intern at RISC Software GmbH in parallel computation.

What is your Name?
My name is Andreas Scheibenpflug, I am 24 years old and I am from Linz.

How did you know about RISC Software GmbH?
RISC Software GmbH was at the FH>>next career fair at the University for Applied Science Hagenberg. I received information material about intern with a rough description of offered internships.

What are you studying and in which semester?
I am studying Software Engineering with a specialization on Web Engineering at the University for Applied Science Hagenberg in the 6th semester.

How was your application process?
I sent my application including a cover letter, CV and records of study of the last two semesters to RISC Software. Shortly afterwards I was invited for an interview. We discussed my reasons for applying and why I think I am qualified. Further more, I received more detailed information about the internship.

In which unit were you working and what were your tasks?
I was worked for 3 month in the unit of parallel computing. My task was the calculation of distance matrices from graphs.
Distance matrices are used for problems of path optimization (e.g. traveling salesman problem). Since the calculation may take very long my task was to test if a parallelization or distribution to more than one machine would improve performance. Utilized technologies included OpenMP, CUDA BOINC and MPI.

How did you experience the atmosphere at work?
The atmosphere was casual and relaxed. My co-workers were nice, professional, and co-operative. I was glad I was given tasks I could solve on my own and my adviser was always available if needed help.I learned a lot about graphing algorithms and applications parallelization. I don’t think there are that many companies where one has the opportunity to work on such challenging topics while encountering fascinating technologies.

Do you want to continue working for RISC Software GmbH?
Yes, I will continue working in the unit of parallel computing while continuing my Master at University for Applied Science Hagenberg.