Research Unit Medical Informatics

Medical Informatics deals with the systematic processing of data, information and knowledge in medicine and health care. Using (formal) methodologies and tools, particularly from computer science, mathematics, medical biometrics and linguistics, the modeling of structure and the operation of information processing systems in medicine and health care are pursued. The study and research of information processing principles in medicine stand in the foreground.

As a multidisciplinary research and development unit, the Medical Informatics Research Unit of RISC Software GmbH (RISC-MI) has been treating problems in the medical field with the methods of mathematics, physics and computer science for more than ten years. RISC-MI thereby develops software products and software systems which are used in many national and international medical institutions. This includes, on the one hand, the continuation and further development of the existing projects SEE-KID/CEVD, BURNCASE 3D, MEDVIS 3D and CALUMMA and, on the other hand, the initiation of new, innovative projects with existing and new medical partners.

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RISC-MI has established a strong position in the market and an excellent reputation as a partner for the development of unique software solutions based on the long-standing activities with physicians and hospitals. Here, RISC-MI essentially moves in the four competence fields of Biomechanical Simulation (BMS), Medical Training Systems (MA), Medical Image Processing (MBV) and Virtual Patient (VP), and implements diverse projects within these areas of expertise that reflect the experience of past and existing projects on the one hand, and the needs of medical experts on the other.

Future trends in the medical field that will significantly influence the work and the orientation of the department in the coming years include Prevention, Services and Demographic Change

In addition to professional research and development services the Department for Medical Informatics offers the following software solutions:

  • BURNCASE 3D – Diagnosis support for burn injuries
  • SEE-KID – Surgery simulation of eye motility disorders
  • MEDVIS 3D – Fast and simple 3D reconstruction, meshing and flow simulation

Focus areas of unit Medical Informatics:

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