Digital assembly in production.

In order to achieve high value-added shares in the future and thus secure locations and jobs, productivity and agility in production must be steadily increased, the transparency and traceability of all processes constantly improved, and the costs reduced.

Industrial traders can only succeed in this way in adapting to the growing market volatility and withstanding the ever-increasing competitive pressure. The introduction of high-level products, tools and assistance systems, which enable production in “lot size 1” with a high variety of variants, as well as the efficient planning, control and optimization of all processes form the basic prerequisite for achieving these
overarching objectives.

RISC Software GmbH, together with the industrial partners BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co. KG, ABF-Industrielle Automation GmbH and S&T Technologies GmbH, as well as the research partner FH OÖ Forschungs & Entwicklungs GmbH, are involved in the research project DigiMont: Digital assembly – a first step for “lot size 1”, promoted by the State of Upper Austria.

Digital assembly in lot size 1

Project results are concepts and solutions for a digital assembly in which all systems are networked, intelligent products, tools and assistance systems are used, and different processes are simulated, optimized and subsequently visualized so that a production in “lot size 1” is made possible. The key factor here is the coordination of the product sequence so that all workstations are evenly utilized.

The DigiMont project contributes to greater transparency, agility and cost-efficiency in production and also ensures the networking between science and industry.

In DigiMont, the focus of RISC Software GmbH is to simulate the production processes using the simulation tool easy2sim developed by RISC. The development of new library components enables a complete and real mapping of the overall processes and the evaluation of the calculated results of the optimization.

Simulation-based planning and optimization can be cost-optimized, resulting in energy and resource efficiency. The integration of new software technologies enables demand-oriented, customer-specific production (order-related) in “lot size 1”, thus providing the precondition for a timely delivery of the products with minimum storage.

Challenges in the Industry 4.0 age

Transitions in the area of ​​Industry 4.0 are generally risky, especially if intelligent products or controls complement existing processes. The technical feasibility and the interplay of big data, virtual assembly, simulation, mathematical optimization and assistance systems is subject to a high risk with regard to data quality and performance. Large, continuous data sets are used in heterogeneous systems, which must be processed in real time.

The simulation program easy2sim can be used to map logistical processes for planning, evaluation and optimization.

Within a few hours, material flows that enable an improved overview and identification of bottlenecks can be illustrated. Performance data during the planning process allows process-based costing and an early improvement of processes. The optimization of parameters can achieve a minimization of inventory costs and a maximization of throughput. easy2sim is also a valuable aid in the training field and the testing of failure scenarios. RISC Software GmbH offers modeling as an additional service so that companies without simulation experience can benefit from easy2sim.

In recognition of the high degree of innovation of easy2sim, RISC Software GmbH was awarded the IT Innovation Award in the INDUSTRIAL & LOGISTICS category. The simulation tool in the top tier of more than 2,500 submitted entries particularly impressed the jury and received the “BEST of 2012” title.