COLLIBRI is a flexible data collection and processing framework. You determine what information is collected, how that information is filtered and processed, and how the data transfer is made. COLLIBRI distributes the load of the data and their processing tailored to your infrastructure. This lightweight system operates on resources and enables the handling of large amounts of data on commodity hardware. Your data can be stored with COLLIBRI optimally and simultaneously validated and analyzed. No matter which subject area, COLLIBRI collects, processes and analyzes your data.

Input and integration

Easy collection and generation of continuous data streams

The tremendous flexibility of COLLIBRI allows to process a wide variety of data streams in a system. Let it can be engineering, sensor or IT infrastructure data. You decide which information is collected, how and when it is filtered and analyzed. COLLIBRI accepts background processing, distribution and storage. The data is automatically converted into a common format in order to ensure consistent processing.

Distributed Processing

Distributed architecture for optimal load balancing

When processing your data COLLIBRI takes care to burden on as little as possible of your resources. COLLIBRI runs in the background and is characterized by its lightweightness. So you can concentrate on your tasks while COLLIBRI operates and distributes the computational load on your infrastructure optimally.

Hierarchical analysis

Hierarchical and time series-based data analysis

The data analysis of COLLIBRI is module-based and can be combined individually. On the same data, for example, machine learning techniques or time-series analysis can be applied to analyze the past and predict future events.


Forecast calculations and data flow simulation

One of the main goals of data collection and analysis is to avoid potential interference, abrasion and failures already in advance. This is where COLLIBRI is an optimal tool. You can rely on different methods, depending on the data and task.

Data validation

Automated data stream validation

According to your defined regulations COLLIBRI analyzes already during the collection of data. In addition, the system monitors your data in near real time and responds to changes in accordance with the regulations defined by you. The administrative effort to monitor your infrastructure is declining.